Sunday, 20 March 2011

A storm in a teacup

The Languedoc is one of the sunniest places in France with over 300 (or 320 depending on whose website you read) days of sunshine every year. We can sit out and enjoy al fresco lunches in December, in January while the UK is experiencing the grey, post Christmas depressive weather we can go for long walks on the beach, in February we can drive through the vineyards and admire the blossom on the fruit trees in the orchards.

But not last week. Last week it rained solidly for 5 days. The streets were deserted apart from the occasional intrepid shopper seen scurrying along clutching a soggy baguette; the pavements were a nightmare as, for some reason, all drainpipes spill out over the tarmac rather than into drains; and all the bars & cafes were filled with sodden customers sharing stories about which roads were closed.

The bitter irony for me was that I was facing a deadline to finish a magazine article entitled ‘Why I Love Perpignan’!

Obviously the recent weather/geographical-related disasters that have happened around the world in recent weeks put life very much in perspective and makes us all realise that this is just a very minor storm in a tea-cup.

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