Monday, 27 August 2012

A house in the South of France for less than 100k

One of the most common requests I get as a Property Finder is from clients looking for a traditional village house with at least two bedrooms and a terrace in a lively town. In fact, this is exactly the request I had from a client when she first contacted me at the beginning of the year. We had several long chats so I could find out exactly the sort of thing she had in mind and to make sure that it was feasible as it would be a waste of both our time (and her money) if I couldn’t fulfil the brief. I have to admit that my heart sank a little when I heard that the maximum budget was 125,000 euros, including all fees but I knew that as long as I picked the right villages I could find some good properties for her.

As the client wasn’t coming out for a viewing trip until September I started my search gently, just wandering around some likely towns & villages and chatting to friends and agents and was pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of houses available in the price range. Prices were considerably lower than they had been at the end of last year. Village houses vary wildy in terms of condition – invariably the exteriors are extremely shabby but once inside many have been renovated to a good standard. I particularly like the ones which have incorporated the original features and have exposed stone walls, beams and staircases worn by years of footsteps.

Over the last few weeks I have been narrowing down the dossier of potential properties by making inspection visits and reporting back to my client and much to my pleasure, if they haven’t already been reduced in price (by around 10%) the agents are assuring me that an offer would be accepted. One of my favourite properties is being offered by my favourite agent* in my favourite town* and has just been reduced from 110,000 euros to 95,000 euros. As you can see from the pictures it has been fully renovated and tastefully decorated, has beautiful views from both sides, has 2 bedrooms and a roof-terrace. It is also brings in 400 euros per week as a holiday let – what’s not to love!

*Names with-held to protect my livelihood (!) but if anybody is interested in this property (or anything similar) please contact me directly via email at

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