Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pictures from the Pyrénées-Orientales

The weather was so beautiful here yesterday that I was inspired to take my camera out on one of our walks.  So for this blog entry, instead of being a long ‘ramble’ about nothing in particular, here are some pictures taken on our long ramble...


The Vineyard at the bottom of the garden – hard to believe there will be grapes to be picked in 6 month’s time.


The track through the peach/apricot orchards (I’m sure the farmer knows why I always wear a jacket with big pockets in the summertime!).


Mimosa – not just a cocktail!


Council tax finally put to good use – the Mairie have dotted these little ‘rest stops’ all around an 8km circular walk around the village.  Here you can sit on the little stump, look through the frame and read more than you ever wanted to know about the ruined windmill in front of you...


One of my favourite places – at the top of the hill you have a 360° panoramic view with the Canigou mountain in front of you and the sea twinkling in the distance behind you.

There’s nearly always some reason to have to make a detour on the way home – usually it is seeing/hearing hunters who obviously cannot read the ‘No Hunting’ signs but on this occasion there was an out of control bonfire in the vines.  At least the dog was happy with the extra 30 minutes!